Puss In Boots

The Fremont Players present Puss In Boots opening December 8th, running Saturdays and Sundays through January 6th. Tickets on sale starting October 15th at Brown Paper Tickets.

See what people are saying about us!

The Seattle Times:

"A crazy farce that encourages noisy crowd involvement..."
"The low-cost show is a full experience that captivates youngsters and draws wolf-whistles, catcalls, cheers and hisses from adults."

Seattle Child:

"Original songs, a sprinkling of slapstick, witty dialogue, and a few wink-wink jokes for the adults that went sailing over the heads of youngsters..."
"Truly an all-ages show. I'd be hard-pressed to decide if it was a show for kids that also appeals to adults, or the other way around."

Parent Map:

"The quirky, cobbled-together costumes and hand-painted set are a perfect match for the open beams and rustic appeal of Hale's Palladium."
"What you might not envision is... a magical cow, a wicked fairy godmother named Formica, a mustached good fairy godmother (tutu clad, of course) and a glittery talking vegetable sidekick."

Culture Mob:

"In the Panto tradition, the performance is equal parts slapstick humor for the kids and witty inuendo for the adults."
"Big and boisterous with enough humor to thaw even Seattle's notoriously passive audiences."

Seattle Weekly:

"How often in life will you get rewarded for vociferously booing, cheering, advising, and contradicting characters?"
"Bright, sparkly costumes and swells of music..."

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